Dr Oz: Personality Type Quiz & Four Questions Women Should Ask Doctors


Dr Oz Preview April 4 2013

Dr Oz: Personality Type Quiz & Four Questions Women Should Ask Doctors

Dr Oz is going to share a personality type quiz so you can determine your type and learn what it reveals about your health.

Do you know your personality type? Would it surprise you to know your personality type could actually be making you sick? On the next episode of the Dr. Oz Show find out what your personality reveals about your health and take his personality type quiz to determine what type you are and how it could be affecting your health. Dr. Oz’s guest will reveal the personality type that is three times more likely to have a heart attack as well as which personality type is more prone to headaches and asthma! Could it be your type? Are there changes you can make to change your personality type and lower your risk for health problems? Get ready to take Dr. Oz’s personality type quiz and find out if it is putting your health in jeopardy! Hurry back soon to learn what your test results reveal and what you can do to improve them. Also, find out the results of Dr. Oz’s own personality quiz and see if it is the same as yours!

Dr Oz: Emergency Room Doctor Sits Down With Dr Oz

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an emergency room doctor? Dr. Sampson Davis is best known for making a pact with friends to leave the mean streets after high school and become a doctor, and he did just that because he is now an emergency room physician at a New Jersey hospital. On the next Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Davis is going to share some of his experiences as an emergency room doctor while treating patients and saving lives. He will also reveal the four questions he believes every woman should ask their doctor! His advice just might save your life so come back soon to see what Dr. Davis told Dr. Oz and what other advice he had to offer for patients who often treat the emergency room like a primary care facility.

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