Dr Oz: Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Moisturizer & Acupressure Massage

By on April 30, 2012

Dr Oz’s Best Advice Ever: 50 All-Time Greatest Tips

Do you look into the mirror and find more wrinkles every day? On the May 1 2012 show, Doctor Oz reveals how to look and feel younger with his secret remedies and products like Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion AM Mosturizer SPF 30 and an alternative to a jade roller for acupressure massage. You’ve heard him talk about retinol, but he takes it to a new level. Find out how to turn back the hands of time and fight wrinkles all day long with his greatest tips.

Dr Oz May 1 2012

Dr Oz May 1 2012

Over the years, Dr Oz has also given advice on crow’s feet, but there is no way you can remember it all. You don’t have to! On his May 1, 2012 show, Dr Oz will use an audience member to reveal his surefire remedies on how to get rid of those fine lines.

For most of his shows, Dr Oz has used audience members to give us their common ailments. This show is no different. Dr Oz calls up audience members to discuss what frustrates them the most—some you’ve heard of and some you haven’t. He’ll take a look back into his Dr Oz Folder of Remedies and remind you of some of the solutions he has given over the years. If you forget the names of the products to fight wrinkles and puffiness, don’t worry, on the May 1 2012 show, he’ll remind you. You missed it the first time, don’t miss it a second time!

Dr Oz: Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion AM Mosturizer SPF 30 Review

One of the products that Dr Oz will review is the Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion AM Mosturizer SPF 30.  It is a fabulous product for fighting wrinkles because of the Retinol in it, which is a form of Vitamin A.  But Peter Thomas Roth kicked his moisturizer up to another notch by adding SPF 30 to the cream.  We all have heard from Doctor Oz time and time again that it is critical to use a lotion with a SPF every single day to prevent premature aging and even skin cancer.  It always shocks me that so many brands make daytime moisturizers without an SPF component!

Dr Oz: Acupressure Massage

Dr Oz will also talk about a new gadget that is an alternative to a Jade Roller that is used for Acupressure Massage.  This form of massage comes from ancient Chinese medicine and is great for preventing aging around your eyes.  Say goodbye to your eye puffiness and crow’s feet.  Come back to wellbuzz.com on May 1, 2012 for a complete recap of all of the products that Dr Oz recommends and information on how to win his giveaways!

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Comments to Dr Oz: Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Moisturizer & Acupressure Massage

  1. cyndi bober says:

    Dr Oz i would love to try these products on todays show 05-01-12 and relax is the word!!! I watch your show everyday and it is very informative thank you for all the information you research for us.

  2. Ionie Bellamy says:

    Dr Oz I would love to get the products which were featured on todays show /1/12. They would a great healp to me. Thanks in advance.

  3. lianne clark says:

    Dr Oz I follow you faithfully, Even my husband is tuned in to you & just wondering where I can purchase some of these products?

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