Dr Oz Preview: Lose 3 Pounds in 3 Days – Dr Oz October 29 2012

By on October 26, 2012

Dr Oz Preview: October 29 2012 Preview

Dr Oz Fans Update: The segments from this episode are online now!

Have you ever wished you could just zap your fat and say goodbye to it forever? Well on the next episode of Dr Oz October 29 2012, he is going to share the latest breakthroughs to help you shrink your fat for good. How great would be to give your weight loss a little jump start and give you the momentum to push forward toward your goals in health and wellness?  Well, Doctor Oz says he has a secret formula to lose three pounds in just three days.

Plus, did you know there is a painless procedure that can get rid of your fat permanently and takes less than one hour to complete? Dr. Oz, with the help of a brave audience member, will demonstrate the procedure right there on his stage I have to admit, that’s something I might need to see to believe. I don’t know about you, but I would raise my hand and volunteer in an instant to sit through a painless procedure that promises to remove body fat forever.

Dr Oz: Lose 3 Pounds in 3 Days

Dr Oz Preview: Lose 3 Pounds in 3 Days - Dr Oz October 29 2012

Dr. Oz says there is a painless procedure that takes less than an hour and will remove unwanted body fat permanently.

Dr. Sharon Giese, a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast surgeries as well as body shaping and large area liposuction, will make her first guest appearance on the Doctor Oz show to talk about getting rid of your unwanted body fat and maybe helping you feel a little better about your body.

Another first-time guest to the show will be Dr. Julie Chen, an integrative physician and health expert. Dr. Chen believes that optimal health can be achieved with a combination of various treatments, from acupuncture to therapies and nutrition.

She is certain that we can fight off potential disease or stop the progression of one that already entered our bodies. A well rounded approach just might be the key to optimal health and I’m eager to see what she recommends.

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Comments to Dr Oz Preview: Lose 3 Pounds in 3 Days – Dr Oz October 29 2012

  1. if i knew what the product was that you are talking about, fill me in.

  2. what is it??

  3. Deborah Hayes LMT says:

    Oh well….the title DOES say it’s a secret! Looks like it’s going to STAY a secret!

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