Dr Oz: Queen Latifah Health Scare & Tips to Banish Bloating


Dr Oz Fans Update: Here are the Segment Recaps for this Episode:

Dr Oz Preview May 19 2014

On the next episode of the Dr. Oz Show you will see a side of Queen Latifah that you have never seen before. She sits down with Dr. Oz to talk about the family health scare that turned her world upside down. They talk about the lifelong health battle  that is having a huge impact on her family and how they are coping with it. Queen Latifah tells Dr. Oz about the severe back pain her medical problem caused and explains what she is doing now to ease her discomfort.

Dr Oz: Solutions to Banish Bloat

Dr Oz Tips to Ease Bloating

Dr Oz shares the best solutions to end your bloating for good, including his own personal favorite remedy.

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