Dr Oz: Real Housewife NeNe Leakes Health Scare + How to Become a Vegan


Dr Oz Preview January 23 2014

Dr Oz Real Housewife Talks about Health Scare

Dr Oz sits down with Real Housewife NeNe Leakes about the health scare that nearly killed her.

You may know NeNe Leakes from her loud personality on the Real Housewives of Atlanta television show, but get ready to see a whole different side to her when she sits down with Dr. Oz for an open conversation about the recent health scare that nearly took her life. NeNe tells Dr. Oz about the pain she felt and the instinct that kept telling her something was wrong.



  1. Loieta says

    My comment is about all you here on the show is how to lose weight . I would love to hear about what a person can eat to gain weight. I LOVE to eat but no matter what I eat I don’t gain a pound. I eat fish,steak,hold grain bread,hold grain pasta,lots of veg’s,hard beans and I like turkey hill ice cream,I don’t eat hambuger because it’s hard to digest I also don’t eat ground turkey because I don’t know how to cook it. Can you pointer me in the right direction. Thank You

  2. debbie ORTIZIO says

    You don’t know how lucky you are.
    With the ground turkey just make it like you would make a meat loaf. Type in meat loaf recipes and many will come up .
    You can put it in chili too.
    You need to eat more healthy carbs. Sweet potatoes, cheese Low fat,
    lentils . whole grain bresds or ezekial bread. Brown rice.
    Carbs are what put weight on.
    Pasta and peas with onions and oil.
    Pasta whole grain with chick peas and garlic and oil
    Look on computer for recipes. High sugar fruit bananas pineapples mango and avacados
    Good luck

  3. says

    I think you have the most confusing website ever! I am interested in the Nene interview but all
    I can find is to “come back soon” for that information. What does that mean? Tomorrow? Next week? In a month? If you have had the interview why can’t you include it here in a timely
    manner? What am I missing???

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