Dr. Oz: Real Life 911 Call, 3 Day Fat Flush Plan & Importance of Fiber


Dr. Oz November 3, 2014 Preview

Wellbuzz update: Here are the segments from this episode.

Dr. Oz has a great episode November 3, 2014, with stories on a breakthrough weight loss plan, a spotlight on a real life 911 call, the importance of fiber, and ways to rest the metabolism. You won’t want to miss it!


  1. says

    Dear Dr.Oz: First off I have to say thank you for the soabout to say.
    Hubby was diagnosed with Hep C approx. 3yrs now. He also lost 2 brothers’ to this within a 7mth. period. He went to this Dr.who by the way is on a trip more than being in the office,
    It has now been 3yrs, he has since changed his Family Phs. He has had blood work done, scope all the time. To be honest I feel like it is a losing battle. He has also been approved by his drug coverage that “yes” they have agreed; Nobody has contacted my husband, he has had everything possible done Is this normal for someone Apparently he should be on medication in two days. We have covered everything. No phone calls, nothing. When should he be starting his treatment ??? If you could pls. contact myself at email addy above. Thank you so much. I do no waa——————

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