Dr Oz: Red Flags Your Body is Aging Too Fast & ADHD Warning Signs


Dr Oz Preview November 21 2012

Dr Oz: Red Flags Your Body is Aging Too Fast & ADHD Warning Signs

Dr. Oz has the 7 Warning Signs that show your body could be aging too fast.

Dr Oz Fans Update: This episode is now online. Here are the segments.

Do you ever worry that your body feels much older than your true number of years? Have you ever wished you could turn back the clock to a time when you looked and felt much younger? Dr. Oz might have the help you have been waiting for on his next show. On tomorrow’s Dr. Oz show he is talking about the Red Flags Your Body is Aging too Fast.

Dr Oz: Red Flags Your Body is Aging Too Fast

Doctor Oz says there are 7 warning signs that your body is aging faster than it should be and he wants you to pay attention to your body because some of the signs are things you might just consider to be normal. He says there are many external clues that show you are aging too fast, but they are all things that can be fixed, so you just need to figure out what they are and make some changes.

Dr Oz: ADHD Warning Signs

Do you often feel moody, exhausted, or anxious? You might be shocked by the possible diagnosis for all of those symptoms. Dr. Sue Varma will be returning to the Dr. Oz to weigh in on this very important discussion. She was a guest nearly three ago when she shared concerns about the dangers of emotional eating as well as a plan to take control of your food rather than allowing it to control you.


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