Dr Oz: Scam Artists Using Dr Oz’s Name & Dr Oz Confrontations


Dr Oz Fans Update: Here are the Segment Recaps for this Episode:

Dr Oz Preview April 29 2014

Dr Oz Takes Down Scammers Using His Name

Dr Oz calls out the scammers who have been using his name to sell you their products. Find out what happens when he comes face-to-face with them!



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    I get lots off mail from that site see im 36 drop 105 pounds just with eating right and working out i teach Zumba water aerobic and am also a trainer and for a site to say what they think with out even seeing my progress i fell it crap i just completed a monster challenge and fell great and a site like this can kill a girls ego i have clients that told me about this site and i tell them your as young as you fell just live a healthy life and don’t worry about no site

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    I like to know how do we know what product is the correct product. Which product is Dr. Oz selling so we can make sure we are not scam also. 832-613-5535

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