Dr Oz: Sleeping Pills Linked to Cancer & FDA Sleeping Pill Guidelines


Dr Oz Fans Update: Here are the segment recaps from this episode:

Dr Oz Preview February 12 2013

Dr Oz: Sleeping Pills Linked to Cancer & FDA Sleeping Pill Guidelines

Dr Oz has a serious warning for anyone who takes sleeping pills to sleep at night! Research has linked them to cancer and you need to hear this information before you reach for that bottle of pills tonight!



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    Why was the article just an announced topic and then did not go on to provide the information??? I was so perplexed when I accessed the topic only to be told to “come back.” This does not make sense to me. . .

  2. says

    Marcy, this article is a preview article of what will air on the Dr Oz Show on the following day. Since the show has not yet aired when the preview articles are posted, there is no way to give you the complete story of what Dr Oz will say on the topic. However, we always go back to the preview articles once the show airs to provide links to the full articles (which cover everything Doctor Oz speaks about). Hope that helps clarify things!

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