Dr Oz: Smoking Alcohol + Dr Oz Tries Dangerous New Way to Get Drunk

By on March 6, 2014

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Dr Oz Preview March 6 2014

Dr Oz Smoking Alcohol Dangerous Way to Get Drunk

Dr Oz tries smoking alcohol, which is the dangerous new way to get drunk by inhaling alcohol instead of smoking it, but at what cost?

Dr. Oz says there is a dangerous new diet fad that could turn deadly fast. Smoking alcohol is a new and frightening trend where users do not drink the alcohol, they inhale it, and it has Dr. Oz concerned. He was so concerned he decided to try it for himself to see the effects it has on the body and you will be stunned by the results.

Smoking alcohol is the new way to get high without having a hangover or consuming extra calories, but at what cost? If you have kids you cannot afford to miss a minute of this eye-opening episode that could literally save a life. Hurry back to learn more!

Dr Oz: Smoking Alcohol Dangerous Diet Trend

Smoking alcohol is a new way to get an instant high by inhaling alcohol instead of smoking it, but could this new way to get drunk be putting lives at risk? Dr. Oz takes a closer look at the new diet trend that promises to give you an instant buzz without the usual calories that come with drinking alcohol and what he learned was quite alarming. He says he felt tipsy and a little off-balance, but what effect could smoking alcohol have on your body in the long-term?

Dr. Oz reveals his thoughts and shares his personal experience with this dangerous way to get drunk that could be causing way more harm than you even imagined. Come back soon to learn everything you need to know about smoking alcohol and the impact it could have on the people you care about the most, especially your kids.


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