Dr Oz: The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Get Fit and Fabulous: May 21 2012

By on May 20, 2012

Dr Oz: Curvy Girl’s Fitness Guide

All you curvy girls, listen up! On Doctor Oz’s May 21, 2012 show, he’ll show you how to get fit and fabulous with quick and simple solutions, because his show is called The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Get Fit and Fabulous. Forget about trying to be supermodel thin, you can look and feel great with your natural womanly body.  Curvy is the new thin. Just ask Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. Being curvy doesn’t mean you’re out of shape, but find out how to look and feel like a million bucks with Dr Oz’s fit and fabulous guide for all the curvy girls out there.

Dr Oz May 21 2012

Dr Oz: The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Get Fit and Fabulous

Dr Oz: Food Pairings for Weight Loss

Are you consuming bland foods considered “diet foods” while trying to shed the pounds? On Doctor Oz’s May 21, 2012 show, he’ll not only show you which foods to eat to help you lose weight, he’ll also reveal the best pairing of foods that promote weight loss. Yes, you read that correctly, you can eat more food and lose weight. Find out which combination of foods will have you in that bikini in no time.

Dr Oz & Daisy Lewellyn: May 21 2012

Have you gone to the department store and tried on several pairs of jeans just to find that one perfect pair that makes your butt look smaller and flattens your tummy? (Me too!) Jeans are comfortable and stylish, but unfortunately, you hate they way they look on you.  On Doctor Oz’s May 21, 2012 show, he is joined by Style Expert, Daisy Lewellyn to reveal the secrets on how to buy the perfect fitting jeans for your body type. The best part is, you don’t have to break the bank to do so.  Television Personality, Daisy Lewellyn, has been called The Queen of Effortless Chic and has been featured on The Style Network and other fashion channels. On Dr Oz’s May 21, 2012 show, Daisy joins Dr Oz to reveal her secrets on how to find that perfect pair of jeans. You don’t want to miss this!

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