Dr Oz: The Truth About Sleeping Pills & Surprising Sleep Wreckers


Dr Oz May 16 2013

Is your busy life keeping you up at night when you would rather be surrendering to sleep? The temptation may be to reach for a sleeping pill, but Dr Oz wants you to think twice about that decision. On his May 16 2013 episode, he is revealing The Truth About Sleeping Pills, as well as some Sleep Wreckers to watch out for.

Dr Oz: The Truth About Sleeping Pills

Dr Oz: The Truth About Sleeping Pills & Surprising Sleep Wreckers

Dr Oz’s May 16 episode is all about sleep. Dr Oz will be sharing The Truth About Sleeping Pills and questions to answer about your habits; sleep wreckers.



  1. billy says

    I have had sleep problems my whole life. And my experience is as follows. Rx sleeping pills dont work on me, perhaps they give me two to three hours of being passes out. But their effect wares off quickly, then Im just, excuse me, “stoned” for four hours after taking them and not able to sleep.

    Trazadone is very effective…however I am allergec to them. My nose gets stuffy, my sleep apnea increases and I can not get an errection, even though one of the possible side effects of that drug is a priapism.

    Tonight I took alterel which has melitonin and l-tryptophan with valerian as well and Im wide awake writing this to you at 1: 22 am after yoga and other meds. I guess I am relaxed but any sleep is merly a coin toss.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks and regards

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