Dr Oz: Tips to Go Vegan for a Day & How to Fix Your Sleep Problems

By on September 18, 2013

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Dr Oz Preview September 19 2013

Vegan for a Day

Could you give up meat for just 24 hours? Dr Oz and his wife Lisa share tips to go for vegan for a day.

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Is the problem not that you simply cannot sleep at night, but rather due to a partner who snores? Are you the one causing your partner to lose valuable sleep every night? You might not be sleep-compatible and could even be Headed for a Sleep Divorce if you do not make some changes. Would you like a peaceful night of rest that does not require you or your partner sleeping with earplugs or in another room entirely? If so, this is the Dr. Oz Show for you! Get ready to learn if your bad habits are causing problems in your relationship and get the solutions to keep you from ending up in a sleep divorce. Hurry back to get Dr. Oz’s advice so you and your partner can rest comfortably once and for all.

Dr Oz: Go Vegan for a Day

Are you a proud meat-eater? Do meals not feel complete to you unless they include some sort of animal protein, like beef or chicken? Would you ever consider giving up meat for an entire day? Dr. Oz and a special guest, his wife Lisa Oz, hope to convince some BBQ queens to do just that as they show them how to go vegan for a day. Will they be able to convince these women whose lives revolve around meat to eliminate it from their diet for just one day? Will they be able to offer them  alternatives so filled with delicious flavor they will not even miss the meat in their meals? Could you go vegan for a day, just one day, or does the thought of it make you crave your favorite animal even more than usual? Come back to see if Dr. Oz and Lisa can change your mind and get you try something different!

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