Dr Oz Ultimate Shopping List: The Only List You’ll Ever Need

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Dr Oz Ultimate Shopping List: The Only List You’ll Ever Need

By on November 1, 2012

Dr Oz Ultimate Shopping List November 2 2012

Dr Oz Fans Update: Here are the segments from this episode

Have you ever wished you could spend a day with Dr. Oz or just take him with you to the grocery store or maybe the drugstore so he could show you exactly what you should be buying? I know I have, but since he can’t physically go with me, I’m thrilled to see he is going to share the Dr Oz Ultimate Shopping List, The Only List You Will Ever Need. From what to buy at the grocery store, to everything you should be putting in your cart at the drugstore and department store, Doctor Oz is giving you a shopping list to bring with you every time you shop.

Dr Oz Ultimate Shopping List: The Only List You'll Ever Need

Dr. Oz is sharing his Ultimate Shopping list and he is also including a list of things you can do to save $600 a year!

Would it surprise you to hear there is pizza on Dr. Oz’s list? It is even a frozen pizza that is actually good for you. I think I might have to make sure I write that one down, along with his very best health finds that he says can be found at every store. He is even going to share his personal favorite health find that is in his own home right now.

Dr Oz: 3 Things That Can Save You $600 A Year!

You may just want to have a pen and paper ready to jot down everything on Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Shopping List. He says there are 3 things that you can start doing right away that will save you $600 a year. Dr. Oz will be joined by Samantha Heller, a Registered Dietician and health expert.

Samantha Heller has been a guest on the show before when she shared some eye opening facts about frozen yogurt, so I have not doubt she will keep Dr. Oz on his toes while making sure he shares the healthiest of foods to put into your shopping cart at the supermarket.

Dr. Oz will also be joined by ER Doctor Philip Blanc and Lisa Lee Freeman. Lisa is the editor of Shopsmart Magazine and is the queen of finding you the best drugstore deals around. She was a guest on the show back in April and I bet she has a lot of money-saving advice to share.

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  1. Mark Baugh says:

    Where can I get the Dr Oz ultimate shopping lists? Groceries, pharmacies, etc etc.
    Thank you, Mark

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