Dr Oz Vs President: GMOs Affect Brain Health? GMO Pesticides Alert


Dr Oz September 22 2014

Wellbuzz update: Here are the segments from this show.

It is another Dr Oz Alert on Monday, September 22. There seem to be a number of alarming health issues in the news so far this season. This time, Doctor Oz will be talking about recent events in the world of GMO pesticides. What do you need to know about the developments in this world?

Dr Oz Alert: GMO Pesticides

Dr Oz Vs President: GMOs Affect Brain Health? GMO Pesticides Alert

Dr Oz is taking on new developments in the world of GMO pesticides on the September 22 episode. Find out why he is challenging the president and others. (Frank Fennema / Shutterstock.com)



  1. Judith James says

    Dear President,

    Please do something about GMO’s and pesticides,

    and Monsanto’s power over controlling seeds and what farmer’s produce – like wheat seeds that have made so many of us develop a gluten allergy.

    I’m very concerned for the future of our children that are affected by the drift of pesticides and who eat processed foods that contain GMO corn, etc.

  2. Judith James says

    I couldn’t find a petition to sign about GMO’s and pesticides on your website after 20 minutes of searching, so used this area to address a separate letter to the president, which I hope you will include with your petition.

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