Dr Oz: Weight Loss Tricks, Belly Busting & Dessert for Breakfast


Dr Oz May 12 2014

Dr Oz is unveiling Weight Loss Tricks for Every Body Type on his next brand new episode, coming to your TV this Monday, May 12 2014. Be sure to tune in and find out how you can maximize your knowledge by targeting your goal and results to your particular needs. He has solutions that might make you think outside the box or give you tools that make slimming down or getting fit seem easier than ever before.

Dr Oz: Weight Loss Tricks For Every Body Type

Dr Oz: Weight Loss Tricks, Belly Busting & Dessert for Breakfast

Dr Oz is sharing weight loss tricks for your body type on Monday, May 12, including why you should try eating dessert for breakfast.



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    I have watched Dr. oz since the beginning, I am getting frustrated with the best way to get in shape, looose weight, get in better health. I put the tea or whatever on my list and go out to search for it, then the very next day it is something better, what is the average person supposed to believe. I would love to go all natural, but now we have to be sure it is approved by FDA or whom ever. I know it is supposed to be entertainment and I am having a hard time seperating fact from entertainment.

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