Dr Oz: Weird or Worried? Solving Your Strangest Questions Ever


Dr Oz: Am I Weird or Should I Be Worried?

Do you have bizarre health issues going on that you’re too embarrassed to ask your doctor? Do your strange body quirks leave you wondering if you should be worried? On Doctor Oz’s May 17, 2012 show called “Weird or Worried? Solving Your Strangest Questions Ever”, he’ll take to the streets to reveal the answers to some of your strangest questions ever. From rashes to leaking, he’ll tackle all your concerns.


  1. says

    I am 61 and since I have been in my early 40’s I have been loosing muscle I have inflammation of the connecting tissue and have been anemic my whole life. can you tell me how to build muscle I am seeing a Doctor I look 80 and hate it. Please answer

  2. mary o'Brien says

    I would like to ask dr. Oz about Whole Body Vibration Machine. I have had a scope done on my knee and would like to know if I can use this machine.

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