Dr Oz: What Is Your Sleep Type? Dr Oz’s Plan To Fix Your Sleep Problem

By on March 11, 2013

Dr Oz Preview March 12 2013

Do you feel like you get enough sleep at night or do you often wish that you could get more sleep or better quality sleep? If you need help to improve your ability to rest when you go to bed this is going to be the Dr. Oz episode for you! Dr. Oz is ready to reveal a scientific breakthrough and a plan to get you better rest at night! You will learn your sleep type and get a personalized plan to fix your sleep once and for all.

Dr Oz: What Is Your Sleep Type? Dr Oz's Plan To Fix Your Sleep Problem

Dr Oz has the secret to help you fix your sleep problems for good! Find out your sleep type, and learn what foods are preventing you from getting better rest at night!

Knowing your sleep type is more important than you might realize! It could literally be the key to helping you lose weight and even prevent disease. Would you believe the foods you eat could even have a powerful effect on your ability to get good sleep at night? Dr. Oz says the foods you eat can make a difference in how easily you get to sleep at night as well as how long you stay asleep and he will reveal his plan that includes the best foods to add to your next shopping list right now!

Dr Oz: Fix Your Sleep Problems

How many of hours of sleep do you get at night? Is that number lower than you would like it to be? If so, you will not want to miss any of Dr. Oz’s next episode because he will help you determine your sleep type as well as share a personalized plan to fix your sleep problems for good! Could your hormones play a role in your ability to sleep at night?  Are certain foods preventing you from getting the rest you need without you even realizing it? Come back soon to hear what Dr Oz and his guests have to say that will get you on track to sleep better while preventing disease and even shedding a few pounds!

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Comments to Dr Oz: What Is Your Sleep Type? Dr Oz’s Plan To Fix Your Sleep Problem

  1. Pauline Nordal says:

    I sleep but wake up 3-4 times a night

  2. I sleep but not for 8 hours .i get up three times help me How do get full night sleep and what i need to do?

  3. Janie Henderson says:

    Love your show

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