Dr Oz What The Heck: What to Eat & What to Take October 9 2012 Show


Dr Oz October 9 2012 Preview

Simple Dr Oz Advice To Go: Dr Oz October 9 2012 Preview

Dr Oz’s What The Heck show on October 9 2012 features basic, simple advice for fans in a hurry who need to know the bottom line for their health concerns.  Want to know what to eat and what to take? Doctor Oz will answer it all!

Dr Oz October 9 2012 is all new, with an episode destined to become an instant classic for Dr Oz Fans. We watch the show as often as we can, but with so many remedies and resources in every episode, it can be hard to know where to start. If you feel overwhelmed by everything Dr Oz has recommended, reviewed and reminded you about your health, this is the hour you have to see.  If your mind is spinning with all of the good fat, no fat, low fat, high carb, no carb and low carb jargon… Doctor Oz promises to clarify everything!


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