Dr Oz: What’s Up Down There?

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Dr Oz: What’s Up Down There?

By on May 9, 2012

Dr Oz: Yeast Infection

Your next gynecological visit isn’t until next year, but you still have questions regarding down there. On Dr Oz’s May 10, 2012 show, Doctor Oz is joined by Gynecologist, Lauren Streicher, to answer all you question about what happens below the belt. He’ll reveal the newest solutions to common issues that happen down there, including how to keep your “plumbing” normal.

women's health

What's going on down there? Women's health issues explored on Dr Oz

Doctor Oz is joined by a guest panel of women to discuss what goes on down there. Find out why women refuse to talk about certain issues and what you can do to feel comfortable discussing these common ailments with your doctor. Think you have an uncommon problem down there? Doctor Oz will reveal what’s normal and what’s not. Plus, he’ll show you the #1 unnecessary surgery that you don’t need. Nothing is off limits! Find out the top 5 mistakes that women make regarding down there and what you can do to avoid them.

Be sure to check it out to get the best solutions to issues below the belt. This show just may save your life!

Dr Oz: Kate Geagan 100 Calorie Meal Savers

You’ve been dieting and dieting but still can’t seem to lose any weight? If this is you, you don’t want to miss show. On Dr Oz’s May 10, 2012 show, he is joined by Nutritionist, Kate Geagan, to reveal how to cut 100 calories from any meal. Think you can’t do it? You’ll be surprised to see how many calories she’ll save simply by cutting back on “fillers” in your meal.

Nutritionist, Kate Geagan, says “Nutrition is really about clearing the way for you to live in your best self.” She is a healthy living and green eating expert who wants to show you how to live your best life through a healthy diet. Her bestselling book, Go Green Get Lean: Trim Your Waistline with the Ultimate Low-Carbon Footprint Diet shows you how to live healthy, the green way. Kate will join Dr Oz to reveal her secrets to cutting the calories simply by eliminating foods that add no nutritional value.

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