Dr Oz: White Mulberry Health Benefits & Afternoon Energy Recharge

By on September 28, 2013

Dr Oz September 30 2013

Dr Oz Fans update: Here are the segments from this show.

On Monday’s episode of Dr Oz, the show is revealing a new berry that’s a blood sugar buster and has many other health benefits as well: meet the White Mulberry. Also ahead on the September 30 show, Dr Oz wraps up the month by sharing energy recharge ideas so you can beat an afternoon slump. Plus, the family from Six Little McGhees will be back on the show to talk about pediatric health. Here’s what you can watch for.

Dr Oz: White Mulberry Health Benefits

Dr Oz: White Mulberry Health Benefits & Afternoon Energy Recharge

Dr Oz is unveiling his latest superfood find, the White Mulberry, on his September 30 episode. Plus, Six Little McGhees illustrate pediatric warning signs.

Why does Dr Oz say that this is “a huge discovery”? See how it works to block some sugar in the body, giving you license to have an extra bite of dessert. The best part of it all is the price. You can stock up on White Mulberry for under $5.

According to Dr Oz, this new superfood has many health benefits, especially when it comes to Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cholesterol. It may be small, but it can have a big impact on your health, so you will definitely want to learn more about this when you tune in for Monday’s episode, on September 30.

Dr Oz: Energy Recharge for Afternoon Slump

It happens to the best of us. Even when you think your day is off to a great start, you might start to feel that you are running on empty by the time the afternoon rolls around. What can you do about this? Dr Oz is sharing his energy recharge advice to bust your afternoon slump for good. That’s ahead on Monday, September 30.

Then, take an inside look at the appendix. What is it good for anyway? Dr Oz is pulling back the curtain on some interesting topics and extreme health habits this Monday.

Dr Oz: Six Little McGhees Children’s Symptoms

When you have six identical children, how do you keep them all straight? That question is answered on every episode of the OWN series Six Little McGhees, and the family is visiting Dr Oz on September 30.

Each of the kids will illustrate a childhood symptom that should never be ignored. Parents will not want to miss this critical children’s health advice on Monday’s show. Plus, watch for a special visit from the Cookie Monster.

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  1. that’s not a ‘new’ thing. I’ve been consuming it since..almost 2 years ago: dried&organic. At this year’s Summer I’ve finally taste some berrys in the fresh form. I’m so good at using them that I just use it as a sugar alternative (why tha fuck no one=company produces a sugar from it? massive fail at ”coconut nectar\sugar”, and other s— sweeteners: everybody using things like ”dates”)

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