Dr Oz: Zohydro Drug Addiction & Moms Addicted to Heroin


Dr Oz Fans Update: Here are the Segment Recaps for this Episode:

Dr Oz Preview March 26 2014

Dr Oz Prescription Drug Abuse in America

Dr Oz discusses the epidemic of drug abuse in our country, especially a new medication called Zohydro.



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    In reguards to all of the hype about perscription pain medication i have to say that by limiting a doctors ability to write such or any medications you may be finding a nation that is turning to heroin in order to self medicate because of the lack of helpful pain management. Where i live we had a very good doctor who was perscribing oxycodone n opana. Did random drug testing and pill counts. The doctor was eventually thrown in jail for his perscribing methods and now doctors here are afraid to write any thing. This also put about 600 patients on the street to be able to function. Alot of us had jobs and went to work. It does take some adjustment to the medications but for most people who have taken a narvotic of any kind it is very possible to work and be functional. The lack of functionality is with out the drugs and you lay in bed listening to the neighbors out doing normal things while you can barely move. Alot of people did seek heroin to fill this void as pain doctors that would write you a perscription became very scarce. I believe it is my choice to have a medical professional write me this or any drug n i nor they should b prosecuted with such words as legal heroin. When we as a society are shoving people with ligitimate pain problems right into the arms of a heroin dealer who promises to fix there pain. And were making giving our money, large amounts of it to these groups who probably do not use the money wisely. Alot of it supposedly goes to terrorist groups etc. Some people have no alternatives. I have several debilitating diseases of the back and spine. Mine extends into my hips. As well my boyfriend has a fusion and titanium rods in his back. We will never be able to have children which is one thing were missing out on. But without medication we wouldnt even be able to walk our dog. Its sad that people only see the black and white of this and it affects millions of people who can not afford to get an attorney to defend our rites. No were just labeled as drug seekers. We need to let our doctors do the doctoring and if being a pain management specialist isnt for you then you dont have to be its very disheartening for me to watch these shows and know my human rites are being taken away

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