Dr Oz’s Most Embarrassing Moments Ever: Poop Scale to Body Odor

By on June 7, 2012

Dr Oz: Most Embarrassing Moments Ever

You asked them and he answered them all! On Doctor Oz’s June 8, 2012 show, he’ll take a look back on all the strangest questions you asked—and believe me, they were real strange. From peeing at strange times to a hairy butt, you asked them and Dr Oz bravely took ‘em on. So what are Dr Oz’s Most Embarrassing Moments Ever?

Dr Oz June 8 2012: Dr Oz’s Most Embarrassing Moments Ever

Dr Oz’s Most Embarrassing Moments Ever will be revealed on his June 8, 2012 show.

Take a trip down memory lane and recap all those embarrassing questions (even if it is TMI) and whether or not it’s safe to color your hair down there. Be warned, no topic was ever off limits, so get the kiddies out of the room and expect the most bizarre questions ever. Find out if your inquiry made his most wacky questions list. He took you from the bathroom with questions like how to get a healthy poop shape and went straight to the bedroom, where you asked if it was normal to have a lot of itching “down there”.

Check out a full hour of all the wildest, weirdest questions Doctor Oz has been asked this season. Sit back and enjoy. You definitely don’t want to miss this show!

Dr Oz: Poop Scale

One of Dr Oz’s Most Embarrassing Moments was when he discussed if your poop and pee are normal.  He spoke about a Poop Scale for determining if your poop is healthy or not.  Here is a quick overview:

1. Poop with a smooth shape is normal and should sound like a diver jumping off of a cliff.

2.  Poop with a marble appearance means you are constipated and sounds like a bird dropping pellets from high up.

3.  Watery poop is of course a bad sign, and it means you have diarrhea generally.

Dr Oz: Strange Behaviors

Remember the one about the woman who had itching when she shaved down there (read about the Razor Burn Remedies)? How about the one with the guy who bit his toenails and then wanted to kiss his wife (read about it here)? No, these are not jokes. On Doctor Oz’s June 8, 2012 show, he’ll recap all the craziest questions you’ve ever asked regarding your strangest personal behaviors. Turn back the hands of time and relive a full season of the most embarrassing questions Doctor Oz has ever been asked.

Make sure the kiddies are out of the room, because on this show, Doctor Oz is not holding back! Do not miss this one!

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