Dr Oz’s Ultimate Calorie Cutting Challenge: Manicotti & Bean Enchilada


Dr Oz’s Ultimate Cooking Challenge Recipes

Looking to lose weight with delicious tasting recipes? You’re in luck! On Doctor Oz’s June 5, 2012 show, he’ll reveal the best tasting dishes that will help you shed the pounds.  Dr Oz’s Ultimate Calorie Cutting Challenge will include recipes like Trish’s Lean Bean Enchilada Supreme, Lynette’s Manicotti Makeover and Chef’s Stay Skinny Secrets.

Dr Oz June 5 2012

Dr Oz's June 5 2012 show will feature Dr Oz’s Ultimate Calorie Cutting Challenge. Can't wait to try Lynette's Manicotti Makeover and Trish's Lean Bean Enchilada Supreme.

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