Fast Food & Energy Intervention: Dr Oz September 24 2012 Preview

By on September 21, 2012

Dr Oz September 24 2012 Preview

Fast Food & Energy Intervention: Dr Oz September 24 2012 Preview

Dr Oz September 24 2012 will share a secret to getting more energy in your life; a fast food intervention for YouTube star Daymon Patterson.

Are you tired of feeling run down and exhausted? Do you feel like all the energy has been zapped out of your body? It’s possible that you could be missing a key ingredient for your health and longevity, and you can find out what it is on Dr Oz’s September 24 2012 show. Find out the one thing you need to know that could completely change the way you feel and think throughout each day.

I suspect this might have something to do with sleep, but I guess we’ll have to tune in for the show to find out. If you don’t get the chance to watch, be sure to check back here and find a full recap of everything you missed, so you can still benefit from Dr Oz’s information and advice in this upcoming Dr Oz September 24 2012 episode.

Dr Oz: YouTube Star Daymon Patterson’s Fast Food Intervention

This summer, the Internet was abuzz with viral videos from Daymon Patterson, who shared his creative and catchy fast food reviews. Could you come up with something clever enough to go viral about your favorite fast food menu items? Dr Oz is concerned about Daymon’s imposing size. This fast food aficionado tips the scales at 400 pounds, and coming up on Dr Oz September 24 2012, Daymon is getting a fast food intervention.

Find out the eye-opening numbers Dr Oz is giving Daymon about his health that are inspiring the YouTube sensation to think about his favorite meals in a different light. Would you change your diet habits if Dr Oz came to you personally? The cast of NY Med seemed pretty touchy about the subject on a recent show. But it seems like Daymon might take Dr Oz’s words to heart. I try not to have fast food too often, but I don’t like knowing that any options are totally off the table.

We’ll find out how Daymon reacts, and the one thing we can all do to find more energy, coming up on Dr Oz September 24 2012.

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