Gluten Free Living & Internet Health: Dr Oz September 27 2012 Preview


Dr Oz September 27 2012 Preview

Dr Oz September 27 2012: Gluten Free

Dr Oz September 27 2012 will examine the growing trend of Gluten Free living & the health benefits associated with the diet; online health.

You’ve heard the stories and buzz about Gluten and Celiac Disease. But Dr Oz September 27 2012 is taking this conversation to the next level. Could this be the huge health revolution you’ve been waiting for?



  1. Sheila Parsons says

    Dr. Oz, be aware that gluten is in shampoo, many lotions and creams, and many forms of makeup. (Red Apple Lipstick is a small company that is producing gluten-free makeup)
    Question – What is the relation of celiac disease to thyroid problems? Which came first, the thyroid disease or the gluten sensitivity? Is it ethnic (Irish) related genetically? What is the latest research that may counteract this problem? Check out Mary Shoman’s website – “”

  2. Sheila Parsons says

    BTW, I have been struggling with gluten problems for 50 years, and actually perhaps from birth. I am now dealing with vitiligo and am about to explore some neurological problems. B-12 deficiency, osteoporosis, and vitiligo are my current health challenges, even though I do m utmost to refrain from all forms of gluten. I am concerned about the potential for diabetes, even though I do not exhibit symptoms right now.
    Also, BTW, some cheeses use a wheat mixture as the starter, and there is nothing said about it on most labels.

  3. Bert Boyden says

    After being given treatments for arthritis, swollen, achy joints, finally went to a physician’s assistant who did blood work and at 63 yrs old, I discovered that the arthritic symptoms were gluten related. After 2 weeks of going “gluten free” almost all my joint pain was gone. I am of hispanic heritage and find that several friends who exhibit similar symptoms will not give up their tortillas…not even for 2 weeks!!! It is a constant struggle avoiding gluten especially when traveling.

  4. says

    I have a grown daughter who has Celiac Disease. She gets sick in all the time because she doesn’t take a great care for herself. She dents but she seems a sick person in all the time.

    What I saw on the show tonight is very helpfull for anyone who has Celiac Disese. Thanks you Dr. Oz

  5. Sheila Parsons says

    Lynn – it is important to check all ice cream labels – esp the cheaper kinds often have wheat- sometimes just in choc chips! My next exploration will be to see what is in Wendy’s Frosties!

  6. says

    Hi Sheila: I’ll be interested to hear what you find out about Frosties. I gave them up thinking they were as close to soft serve as you could get. That was one treat that I have missed.

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