Guilt Free Hour with Hungry Girl: Dr Oz September 21 2012 Preview

By on September 20, 2012

Dr Oz September 21 2012

Dr Oz September 21 2012 Preview

Dr Oz September 21 2012 is the Guilt Free Hour, with recipes and advice from Hungry Girl & Dr Oz about indulging your cravings, guilt-free.

Get rid of your guilt when you set the DVR for Dr Oz September 21 2012. This special hour of recipes and snack suggestions will have you feeling better from the grocery store to the kitchen cabinet. It’s Dr Oz’s Guilt-Free Hour, and it’s all new.

With so many obligations and responsibilities piling up on our plates, it’s no wonder that we are sometimes pushed to the breaking point with stress and cravings. But fighting those feelings to adhere to a rigid diet isn’t always the right way to go (no matter how many diet plans Dr Oz has highlighted this week alone). Cheat days are essential, as he has mentioned in the past, and sometimes you just have to give in and let yourself go (but presumably not to the point of binge eating).

Dr Oz: Guilt Free Snacks with Hungry Girl

Friends and family are apparently quick to turn one another in when Dr Oz is asking the questions. Find out who’s throwing whom under the bus, and why they were so surprised when Dr Oz suggested that they go nuts on the snacks this weekend. Tune in for the Dr Oz September 21 2012 show to get a boatload of recipes you can feel great about enjoying.

Plus, beloved Hungry Girl cookbook author Lisa Lillien is back to whip up more of her inventive snack swaps to help you indulge the cravings with light recipes that won’t pack on the pounds. Don’t miss this exciting hour, just in time for weekend parties and get togethers. It’s all new, and you can see it on Dr Oz September 21 2012. Then be sure to check back here for recipes and resources to help make your life easier.

What’s your biggest temptation? How are you able to avoid giving in to the cravings? Maybe you’ll find a new solution that will literally let you have your cake and eat it too when it comes to snacking. The only way to find out is by catching Dr Oz September 21 2012.

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