Letting Go of Emtional Baggage: Dr Oz September 14 2012 Preview


Dr Oz September 14 2012 Preview

Letting Go of Emtional Baggage: Dr Oz September 14 2012 Preview

Dr Oz September 14 2012 is all about letting go of emotional baggage, as Dr Oz sends 50 women on the transformative journey of a lifetime.

What’s your emotional baggage? We all have something from our past that we carry around with us, like it or not. The Dr Oz September 14 2012 episode is giving 50 women the chance of a lifetime. They can take him up on the offer to help them shed the emotional baggage that has been weighing them down, mentally and physically, for years. Get to the heart of the problems when Dr Oz takes these special women from his audience on the journey of a lifetime.



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    I am so grateful that these women will have this opportunity. I hope there will be referrals for others to do the same thing. It is so hard to let go of the baggage, especially when you don’t realize you have it or be able to pinpoint what it is. I would love to have an opportunity like this as I am sure many others would as well.

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    Please save me from my own self destruction. I am a 53 year old walking time bomb. I have been begging Oprah, Dr. Phil and you for years to listen to my story. I have sent it to you all numerous times and I never hear anything. PLEASE GIVE ME AN OPPORTUNITY TO TELL MY STORY….THEN PLEASE HELP ME TO CHANGE THIS TRAGIC ENDING.

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