‘NY Med’ Reunion – Behind the Scenes: Dr Oz September 20 2012 Preview

By on September 19, 2012

Dr Oz September 20 2012

'NY Med' Reunion - Behind the Scenes: Dr Oz September 20 2012 Preview

Dr Oz September 20 2012 is a reunion of the stars of the summer reality series NY Med, which went behind the scenes at Dr Oz’s hospital.

Summer is a great time to enjoy some reality shows when you’re not getting some sun or taking a vacation. Did you know that Dr Oz himself was a star of one medical reality series over the summer? On Dr Oz September 20 2012, he will look back at his time on the documentary series NY Med and the people he met there.

We’re so used to seeing him on TV every day that sometimes it can be easy to forget that he is a practicing medical doctor in New York City. But this summer, cameras followed him and others at the hospital where he works, to give viewers an inside look at what goes on in the business of saving lives.

Medical dramas have always been popular on TV, but the scripted shenanigans can sometimes ring false. In the new era of reality shows such as NY Med, it’s great to see what really goes on in a medical emergency.

Dr Oz: NY Med Reunion

Have you ever wondered how realistic your favorite medical soap opera really is? Dr Oz’s guests are dishing about the truth of working in a hospital setting. Find out what they’re revealing, and what they are embarrassed to be asked about, when you check out Dr Oz September 20 2012.

Though the NY Med series has completed its summer run, Dr Oz is getting the most memorable doctors and patients back together for a reunion show special. Find out what you didn’t see on the show, and catch some exclusive clips that didn’t make it into any of the episodes.

If you think you know what it’s really like to work with Dr Oz, wait until you see what’s going on in the hospital where he works. That’s all coming up when we peek behind the curtain on Dr Oz September 20 2012. Don’t miss this fascinating sneak peek.

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