Dr Oz Pycnogenol & Dr Ro’s Fountain of Youth Shake Recipe

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Dr Oz Pycnogenol & Dr Ro’s Fountain of Youth Shake Recipe

By on May 14, 2012

Dr Oz: Defy Your Age & Look 10 Years Younger

What ages you? Doctor Oz says stress is the #1 cause of aging, but the good news is, you can turn back the hands of time and look 10 years younger, instantly. On Doctor Oz’s May 15, 2012 show, he’ll reveal his secrets to looking and feeling younger like Pycnogenol and Dr Ro’s Fountain of Youth Shake. Age gracefully, my foot! Don’t be satisfied with the aging process. Find out how to slow it down, and even reverse it, to look and feel a decade younger.

Dr Oz Pycnogenol & Dr Ro's Fountain of Youth Shake Recipe

Dr Ro's Fountain of Youth Shake Recipe and more will be seen on Dr Oz's Defy Your Age show!

Dr Oz is joined by Dermatologist, Joely Kaufman, Nutritionist, Rovenia Brock, and Style Expert, Katrina Szish, to show you how to look and feel your best. From the inside to the outside, find out their tips on how to look and feel your best with simple lifestyle strategies. You definitely don’t want to miss this show!

Dr Ro: Fountain of Youth Shake Recipe

Can’t wait for the Dr Oz Show to air on May 15, 2012? Well here is a sneak peak at one of the things that will air… Dr Ro’s Fountain of Youth Shake!


1 cup coconut water
2-3 wheatgrass ice cubes
2 handfuls spinach
3 pineapple spears
half lemon peeled
1 small green apple
1 TB ginger

Put all of the ingredients in a blender and voila, you have the fountain of youth in a smoothie!  The wheatgrass helps to purify and detox your body.  So start preventing wrinkles and toxic buildup that makes you look older prematurely by trying this smoothie!

Dr Oz: Didi Gluck Beauty Products

Do you have beauty questions, like how to find the perfect moisturizer or what products are best for your hair type? On Dr Oz’s May 15, 2012 show, he’s joined by Didi Gluck, the beauty editor of Real Simple Magazine. Didi will show you the quickest and easiest solutions to some of your most common beauty issues. Check out the show to see if your beauty question is answered.

Dr Oz: Kim Lyons Workout

Are you tired of taking time out of your busy schedule to squeeze in time for the gym? On Dr Oz’s May 15, 2012 show, he’s joined by Celebrity Trainer, Kim Lyons, to show you how to get the best workout for your body type. Find out all of Kim’s secrets to help you firm up those thighs and lose that belly just in time for summer. The best part? You don’t even have to leave the house. (How easy it that?)

You’ve seen Kim kicking ass on The Biggest Loser, but did you know she’s also a fitness model? She has over 10-years of experience as a personal trainer and on Dr Oz’s May 15, 2012 show, she’ll simplify her weight loss strategies just for you!

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  1. barbara Tryon says:

    I am going to try this,

  2. Sounds good.. i will surely try this real soon,, Thank you!!

  3. richard bivens says:

    Is the iron in Dr. Ro’s fountain of youth shake to much daily intake for men

  4. Pycnogonel, Where in vancouver british columbia can I find this one that Dr. Oz recomends as not all brands are the same? Can you tell me where I can go to buy them please. Thanks Deborah

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