Red Yeast Rice Extract & Dr Oz’s 3 Tests Every Woman Needs to Take

By on June 5, 2012

Dr Oz: 3 Tests Every Woman Needs to Take

Exercise, eating right and taking Red Yeast Rice Extract Supplements (which you can read more about here) are three preventative measures women can take to help prevent heart attack, diabetes and cancer, but on Doctor Oz’s June 6, 2012 show, he’ll reveal the 3 lifesavings tests that every woman should take to help screen for these diseases including a Comprehensive Weight Assessment Test, a blood test for glucose and cholesterol and a blood pressure test. Do you know your health risks? Don’t be caught off guard. Find out how these tests can help save your life! Plus, find out what is the #1 threat to your health.

Dr Oz Red Yeast Rice Extract

Dr Oz will discuss how Red Yeast Rice Extract Pills can help you to live a longer life!

Dr Oz: Red Yeast Rice Extract Supplement Pills

Not only will Dr Oz show you which tests to take, he will also reveal the right foods to eat to save your life. Find out which foods will help you live longer and which foods you should avoid. Plus, check out the supplements that should be a part of your daily routine, like Red Yeast Rice Extract Pills (600 mg). If you’re looking to stay healthy, you definitely don’t want to miss this show. It just may save your life or the life of a loved one.

Dr Oz: Shirley Madhere Plastic Surgeon

Want to look younger but don’t want to spend the money on expensive surgical procedures? You’re in luck! On Doctor Oz’s June 6, 2012 show, he is joined by Plastic Surgeon, Shirley Madhere, to reveal how to instantly look younger with a safe, do-it-yourself facelift.  Don’t worry, no cutting or recovery time involved. Instead, Dr. Madhere reveals the simplest ways to take years off your appearance without breaking the bank. For every woman who doesn’t prefer plastic surgery but still wants to look younger, this show is for you!

Dr Oz: Fatigue Treatments

Are you tired of feeling…well, tired? Do you find it difficult to make it through your day without some sort of caffeinated fix? Put down the soda and sugary energy drinks. On Dr Oz’s June 6, 2012 show, he will reveal the best all natural ways to boost your energy. Find out how to make it through your busy day on full blast. You may be surprised by some of his solutions!

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