Sugar Substitutes, HPV Cancer Risk & Andrew Weil: Next Week on Dr Oz

By on October 5, 2012

Dr Oz October 8-12 2012

Get ready for an exciting week of new shows, starting with Dr Oz October 8 2012. Next week’s new episodes touch on health issues you have been wondering about, such as Sugar Substitutes, Depression, HPV cancer risks, and anti-inflammatory recipes. Check out what’s coming up.

Sugar Substitutes & Butter Substitutes

Sugar Substitutes, HPV Cancer Risk & Andrew Weil: Next Week on Dr Oz

Next week on Dr Oz, don’t miss new episodes on sugar & butter substitutes, Andrew Weil’s anti-inflammatory foods, HPV cancer risk & Rick Springfield.

You see them in grocery stores and restaurants. But are they really better for you than the real thing? Dr Oz is talking about the sugar substitutes and butter alternatives. Could these so-called healthy products actually be bad for you? He explains the links to cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and more. Catch that Monday on Dr Oz October 8 2012.

Dr Oz’s Simplest Advice

We all know Dr Oz has a lot to say. So how are you supposed to keep track of it all? Dr Oz October 9 2012 is an episode of his best tips and easiest takeaways to help you change your life. Don’t miss Tuesday’s episode if you only have time for one show this week, because it’s going to be crammed full of great advice.

Dr Oz & Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield came to fame in the ‘80s, and his wild life had consequences. He is opening up to Dr Oz on Wednesday about his battles with depression and the experience that took him to the brink of suicide. Plus, find out what he has to say about addiction, and learn what Dr Oz is revealing about Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen That’s on Dr Oz October 10 2012.

Dr Oz: HPV Cancer Warning

Could you be at risk for cancer because of an HPV infection? It’s one of the fastest growing STDs, and every woman in your life should know what you learn from Thursday’s episode. Don’t miss Dr Oz October 11 2012. Find out how age is a factor in HPV cancer risks.

Dr Oz & Andrew Weil: Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Alternative health guru Andrew Weil is back with more anti-inflammatory super foods. Check out what made his list this time and what you will find in his new book. He’s listing five foods he says are must haves. That’s coming Friday on Dr Oz October 12 2012.

Don’t miss this great week of shows. If you can’t watch every day, we have full recaps on Dr Oz Fans for your information. Use them as a great resource to share with your friends.

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