Dr. Oz: Janine Driver & 7 Second Fix for Body Language

Janine Driver, author of You Say More Than You Think: Use the New Body Language to Get What You Want!, the 7-day Plan, spoke with Dr. Oz on his XM / Sirius radio show about body language.  Here are a couple of pieces of advice from Janine Driver’s body language knowledge:

Janine Driver’s 7 Second Fix

1. No Fig Leaf Positions

The fig leaf position is when you are sitting with your hands folded and covering the crotch area (or the “naughty bits” which Janine picked up from the Holy Grail).  You have three power zones: your neck dimple, your belly button, and your groin.  You want to keep these three power zones open to send a message of confidence and power.  So instead of folding or crossing your hands, which is a begging position, rest your hands on the shoulder of a chair.

2. Put Your Elbow Behind Your Chair

If you are talking to the person sitting next to  you, take your elbow and put it behind your chair so that your neck dimple and belly button face towards the person.

3. Men, Don’t Sit With Legs Wide Open

It is considered arrogant if a man sits with his legs wide open, so avoid doing that or spreading your legs wide when sitting on a bar stool.


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