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Dr Oz September 19 2014 Dr Oz and expert guests discussed developments in the ongoing investigation of the death of Joan Rivers on the Sept. 19 show. Plus, how does the Gut-Brain Connection affect your ability to avoid Alzheimer’s Disease? Also from this show, is the E-Patch safe to use? Dr Oz: Joan Rivers Death Investigation […]

Dr Oz September 18 2014 Dr Oz asked questions about what happens on the other side during his September 18 episode. What do people’s near-death experiences have in common? What can they teach us? Plus, get the benefits of odd-numbered Omegas and a plan to kick your coffee addiction. Dr Oz: Near-Death Experiences, Neural Theology + […]

Dr Oz September 17 2014 Dr Oz shared information for parents on the spread of Enterovirus D68, which has been affecting many children this fall. Plus, the September 17 episode included information about Depression and Suicide resources as Dr Oz remembered the late Robin Williams. Dr Oz: Why Is Enterovirus D68 Not Affecting Adults? Peak Flow […]

Dr Oz September 16 2014 Dr Oz shared an innovative plan to take advantage of your hormones and make them work for you on his September 16 show. Plus, get thoughts about Salt Addiction and how to turn it around for your health. Check out what was discussed on this episode. Dr Oz: Hump Day […]

Dr Oz September 15 2014 Dr Oz tackled the hot topic of legalized marijuana on September 15. Why does he think that some of these products are marketed to kids? Plus, how can a sheriff get his job back after being sidelined by a heart attack? Dr Oz: Highly Concentrated Marijuana Edibles & Keep Pot Away from […]

Dr Oz September 12 2014 Dr Oz shared an important warning for parents on his September 12 show. You may not know about Caffeine Powder, but your kids probably do. Find out why it could be so dangerous. Then, get advice on addiction, stress, blackheads, and more. Dr Oz: Should Caffeine Powder Be Banned? Caffeine […]

Dr Oz September 11 2014 Dr Oz had a brand new show with a warning about young women’s Heart Attack symptoms, so don’t ignore them. Also on Sept. 11, is there Mercury in your flu shot? Learn about natural remedies, Estrogen boosters, and an inspiring beauty pageant contestant from this show. Dr Oz Alert: Young […]

Dr Oz September 10 2014 Dr Oz shared his best advice for helping you get meaningful rest at bedtime with the Sleep Clinic on his September 10 episode. He also warned about dangers of outpatient procedures and remembered past guest Joan Rivers. Later, he suggested a link between Climate Change and an increase of patients […]

Dr Oz September 9 2014 Dr Oz covered a wealth of topics on Tuesday’s show. Learn about Juvenile Bipolar Disorder, ways to test yourself for a slow Thyroid, and why you should be concerned about Fatty Liver Disease. Plus, are those wet wipes really flushable after all? Get the stories from September 9. Dr Oz: Juvenile Bipolar […]

Dr Oz September 8 2014 Dr Oz kicked off a brand new season of news, advice, and information on September 8. Get insights about the Ebola outbreak. Find out whether the fish in your diet could be high in Mercury. Plus, know your numbers and team up with your family for a healthy new start. Dr […]

Dr Oz Recap September 5 2014 Dr Oz had an informative hour on September 5. Find out more about how Vitamin D restores your health with The Weather Channel’s Sam Champion. Learn about Copper’s anti-aging properties and see whether you may be at risk for a Corn Sensitivity. Here’s everything covered on this episode. Dr Oz: Sam […]

Dr Oz Recap September 4 2014 Dr Oz sounded the alarm about symptoms of Stroke on the September 4 show. Your youth does not mean you can’t be a victim. Plus, learn about food additives and beauty buzzwords seen on this episode. Dr Oz: Stroke Warning for Young Women If you thought a Stroke was something […]

Dr Oz Recap September 3 2014 Dr Oz’s September 3 show featured Natural Pain Killers that actually work, as well as thoughts on caffeine and sleep. Plus, learn why you should wash the makeup off every night and how to prevent slouching from Wednesday’s show. Dr Oz: Natural Pain Killers That Work You don’t have to pop […]

Dr Oz Recap September 2 2014 Dr Oz is making sure you get the foods you need to meet your daily Fiber intake, boost your mood, and even integrate Quinoa into your dinner menu. Check out his advice from the September 2 show, and get ready for new episodes coming next week! Dr Oz: Best Foods […]

Dr Oz Recap September 1 2014 Dr Oz had a warning for restaurant customers on the September 1 episode. Plus, brush up on foods that fight aging and learn how you can prevent fainting with tips from this show. Dr Oz: Fish Contamination & Restaurant Warnings It’s always nice to enjoy a meal at a restaurant, but […]

Dr Oz Recap August 29 2014 Dr Oz shared advice on staying happy and healthy in his August 29 show. Learn habits that can help you be more happy. Think ahead to prevent the flu or kidney stones. Plus, Jo Frost shared successful parenting strategies. Dr Oz: 5 Habits of Happy People Do you want to […]

Dr Oz Recap August 28 2014 Dr Oz shared advice for staying healthy at any age on the August 28 episode. Learn about how to measure your health by your waist size and what your fingernails may indicate about diseases. Later, Dr Oz explained what a 911 operator will need to know when you call about […]

Dr Oz Recap August 27 2014 Dr Oz shared how you can Save Your Life in a Fire on the August 27 episode. Are you prepared to act in an emergency? Plus, get tips for digestion, better sleep, and more. Dr Oz: Save Your Life in a Fire Dr Oz and investigative reporter Elisabeth Leamy shared […]