Aged Parmesan Mini Chips, Dr Oz Kelp Noodles & Alex’s Chicken Pot Pie


Dr Oz Kelp Noodles

Dr Oz’s Show on July 3, 2012 covers everything from the Psychic Char Margolis to ways to lower your cholesterol with Red Yeast Extract and Kelp Noodles.  Doctor Oz will even share a Healthy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe and talk about some fabulous kitchen gadgets to help you reduce the fat in your meals (like the Fat Magnet and a Healthy Meatloaf Pan.)  One of my favorite tips was to lower cholesterol with Kelp Noodles.  If you have a pasta addiction, Kelp Noodles are for you!  They only have one gram of carb in a serving and they help to give your metabolism a boost.  Have you tried Kelp Noodles?  Are they good?  What Kelp Noodle Recipes have you come up with?  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!



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