Artiste Machine for Robotic Facelifts, Liposonix & Levia on Dr Oz


Artiste Machine, Liposonix & Levia on Dr Oz

Dr Oz’s Show on July 12, 2012 covers the Doctor Oz Miracle Plan for Metabolism, including Metabolism Boosters like Konjac Root, Fenugreek Tea and L-Arginine, as well as Chris Powell’s Metabolism Boosting Plan.  But perhaps the most eye catching segment was when Dr Oz spoke about some of the latest Cutting Edge Procedures such as the Artiste Machine for Robotic Facelifts (intrigued yet? I am!), the Liposonix procedure and the Levia procedure.    Lets take these procedures on one at a time.  The Artiste Machine is a new way for a doctor to “sculpt” your face using fillers to replace where you may have lost volume in your face.  Since it has a robotic mechanism (hence the name “Robotic Facelift”), you get a more precise facelift and can see results in just half an hour.  The Levia procedure treats Psoriasis without the use of creams.  You can buy the Levia machine for around $5900 and you need to do treatments on yourself around three times per week to see results.  While the price tag is steep, you should check with your insurance company, because they may help reduce the price or pay for the machine entirely.  Dr Oz also had Dr Anne Chapas demonstrate Liposonix, which is a laser that can help you to lose an entire dress size in just a single one hour treatment.



  1. Renee Hilton says

    Can you recommend. DR. In Los Angeles or surrounding area who are doing the
    Artiste machine for Robotic facelifts?

    Thank you.

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