Bacopa Extract & 3 Week Anti-Allergy Diet Plan: Dr Oz Show

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Bacopa Extract & 3 Week Anti-Allergy Diet Plan: Dr Oz Show

By on April 11, 2012

Dr Oz: Dairy Allergies & Anti-Allergy Diet

Dr Oz’s Show today covered memory boosters like Bacopa Extract, an Anti-Allergy Diet Plan, Milk Allergies Making You Fat, a Fatigue Fighting Cocktail and Health Myths.  Since today’s show was a repeat from January 30, 2012, I would love to hear from any of you who have tried out Dr Oz’s suggestions since then.  What worked?  What did not work?  And are there any new things you missed out on last time it aired that you will try now?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

Dr Oz Barcopa Extract

Dr Oz said that Barcopa Extract is a memory booster!

Dr Oz: Bacopa Extract 150 mg

Dr Oz spoke about Memory Boosters (and who does not need that?).  One of the top picks was Doctor Oz’s Bonus Tip which was to take 150 mg of Bacopa Extract daily.  So what exactly is Bacopa?  Well, the full name is Bacopa Monnieri Extract (also known as Brahmi) and it is a special herb that is thought to enhance your cognitive abilities and memory.  If you look at the contents of many memory potions and pills, you will see that they contain Bacopa Extract.  Brahmi is what it is called when used in Indian medicine (where it is often found in a nerve tonic to boost memory).  Depending on how much you take and how responsive your body is to herbal medicines, you can see the benefits within days (or even hours some report!).  Click here to read more about Memory Boosters.

Dr Oz: Anti-Allergy Diet Plan

Another popular segment on today’s Dr Oz Show was the Anti-Allergy Diet with Dr Mark Hyman.  In just three weeks on the Anti-Allergy Diet, you can lose weight and feel better.  The first week you remove dairy from your diet, since so many people are lactose intolerant and do not even realize it!  The second week you start taking probiotics to rebuild to helpful bacteria in your gut.  The third week you start adding back foods that you removed from your diet to see how they effect you.  If you seem to have a food allergy, you should see your doctor and have them run a blood test.  Click here for more information on Dr Oz’s Anti-Allergy Diet Plan.

Dr Oz: April 11 2012

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Comments to Bacopa Extract & 3 Week Anti-Allergy Diet Plan: Dr Oz Show

  1. marian mcrae says:

    Dr Oz last week you had a supplement on that did several things it was in a large bottle long name it started with the letter S it is suppose to rejevunate your whole system skin, againg I would really appreciate irt if you could send me an email giving me the name of the supplement I have tried so many of your suggestiosn and I really love your show Marian Mcrae 1210 Bradford st Starke, Fla. 32091

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