Black Currant Thinning Hair Remedy & Dr Oz Blood Pressure Guide


Black Currant for Thinning Hair & GTF Chromium for Wrinkles

Dr Oz’s show on July 27, 2012 has all the answers to your health questions… the show is called You Asked What?!?!  But don’t worry, Doctor Oz answered it!  From a Skin Tag Dental Floss Remedy  to Fenugreek Seeds for Dandruff to GTF Chromium for Wrinkles.  GTF (or Glucose Tolerance Factor) Chromium can help control your blood sugar levels, plus it can help keep away dreaded wrinkles (who would have thought?)!  If thinning hair is stressing you out, Dr Oz has a remedy for that too – Black Currant Supplements!


  1. says

    Try using pure vitamin E oil. Buy it pure or just prick a hole in your vitamin E jell cap 400 IU.. and apply a couple times a day. it will make the tag disappear after a few days.

  2. carol says

    Thank you for the vitamin e suggestion for skin tags, i have them, Ive used, not dental floss, but thread to tie them off, it works but not always easy if you are doing it by yourself also used iodine to dry them and than they do fall off but it takes awhile. thanks again.

  3. Jade says

    I am curious about the Black Currant for thinning hair? Where does Dr Oz speak of this? Thank you! =]


  4. Jade says

    I did my own research and found you can get the Black Currant Oil at any health store and even online. Google it and you’ll find lots of info on it. =]


  5. Shirley Richardson says

    I would like to know what strength of black currant supplements per day for thinning hair

  6. Shirley Richardson says

    I would like to know what strength of black currant supplements do i need to take per day

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