Cactus Salad Recipe & Miraval Spa Retreat: Dr Oz September 14 2012

By on September 14, 2012

Dr Oz September 14 2012

Dr Oz September 14 2012 posed the question: how would your life change if you went to the desert with Dr Oz? For 50 women, the answers were varied and emotional. Get the Miraval Spa Cactus Salad Recipe and learn how even Dr Oz conquered his fear of heights on this journey.

Valorie Burton on Emotional Baggage: Fear is Not a Stop Sign

Cactus Salad Recipe & Miraval Spa Retreat: Dr Oz September 15 2012

Dr Oz September 15 2012 was a special hour on managing emotional baggage with guest Valorie Burton and a weekend retreat at the Miraval Spa.

Guest expert Valorie Burton helped Dr Oz’s audience get a game plan for discarding their emotional baggage. Find out what she means with the mantra “fear is not a stop sign” and get her four-step plan for dealing with your own personal baggage.

Emotional Eating & Catalyst for Change at Miraval Resort & Spa

Dr Oz talked with women about how their emotional baggage could be literally weighing them down and leading to unintended medical problems. The audience got a huge surprise when Dr Oz whisked them off to Arizona’s Miraval Resort and Spa for a life-changing weekend.

Find Your True Purpose: Breath Walking, Yoga & Pilates

Dr Oz’s audience got the chance to learn a lot about themselves and develop new, healthier coping mechanisms thanks to their experiences at the desert retreat. Find out how you too can incorporate Breath Walking and other positive stress busters into your daily routine.

Miraval Cactus Salad Recipe, Qi Gong Healing & Tamiko’s Story

One woman’s story of perseverance and determination took center stage as she overcame a major setback on her road to success. Plus, the ladies learned a Cactus Salad Recipe and studied the Chinese healing art of Qi Gong.

Fear of Heights: Dr Oz Climbs a Telephone Pole in the Desert

Even Dr Oz isn’t immune from fears in life, and one of his biggest was heights. Find out how one of his own audience members helped him push through the fear and come out the other side stronger and more satisfied with himself. Plus, how did this special weekend change people’s lives, and what can home viewers learn from it?

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