Dr Joe Mercola: Alternative Medicine Man Says Why Not to Trust Doctors


Dr Joe Mercola on the Dr Oz Show

Dr Oz’s July 5, 2012 show features an interview with Dr Joe Mercola, the Alternative Medicine Guru.  Dr Joe Mercola told Doctor Oz why you should not trust your doctor.  That must be a hard pill for Dr Oz to swallow since he is a practicing doctor!  Dr Mercola also gave Dr Oz a list of Prescription Drugs You Should Not Take (this is definitely a list that you should share with everyone you know!).  Dr Mercola told Dr Oz about some pretty crazy sounding ideas – like going to tanning beds in the winter to get enough Vitamin D rather than taking supplements.  Really?  We should go to tanning beds to get Vitamin D?  What about the potential risk of getting skin cancer?  Dr Mercola also told Dr Oz that he is not in favor of people getting the flu shot, but he suggests building up natural immunity overtime.  The ironic thing is that Doctor Oz has promoted getting the flu shot on his show quite a few times.  In fact, he has even taken the flu shot himself on the show.  But apparently Dr Oz’s children do not get flu shots!  Where do you stand on the issue?  Do you get flu shots?  Do you believe they work? Or do you think they cause more harm than good?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!



  1. Margaret Smith says

    Dr Oz, I am 71 years old women, and I for one do not get flu shots, and I go for years with out having even a cold, but my friends who get flu shots, and take all this Rx medecine are always sick with colds, etc. or not feeling very well too many times every year.
    When I was raising a family, the children did not get all these shots, and were very healthy
    children, and rarely missed school, but I will also say I cooked the good old fashion meals at home,and the children always took a sack lucnh to school.

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