Dr Oz: 100 Foods Dr Oz Wants In Your Shopping Cart

Dr Oz: Grocery List of 100 Foods

Dr Oz’s Show on September 23, 2011 is called “The 100 Foods Dr Oz Wants In Your Shopping Cart.”  Doctor Oz put together a Grocery List that is apparently the only one you will ever need to prevent mealtime chaos from wreaking havoc on your house.  Dr Oz’s 100 Foods promise to please even the pickiest of eaters, plus they will help you to save money and time.  And if I had to make a bet, I would guess that Doctor Oz would share some fabulous recipe ideas for cooking these amazing 100 Foods.

Dr Oz: 100 Foods Grocery List

While Dr Oz has not yet released his Grocery List of 100 Foods, I bet everything will fall into the following categories: whole grains, Dr Oz 100 Foodslean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy products.  Perhaps he will even throw in a few spices to replace salt, since he is always stressing that we cut back on the amount of salt in our diet.  I wonder how many of the foods will be items that he has spoken about or recommended on previous shows.  Be sure to come back to wellbuzz.com on September 23 2011 for a full recap of everything that Dr Oz discusses on this show!


  1. Kate Schramm says

    I am beginning to turn away from Dr. Oz. He has begun to contradict himself. On the show he did with the “alternative” medicine authorities the other day, he agreed with them about the benefits of coffee; but in the second part of the show, he pressed the issue that tea be used instead of coffee. He often recommends supplements, but on one day will use one name and on another day a different name for that same supplement – and it appears that he thinks they are two different items – all of which makes me think he really doesn’t know what he is talking about. Also, I’m TIRED of the truth tube, the giant organs, the silly games and the even sillier supposedly adult women who act like love-sick school girls.

  2. barbara says

    Not surprising that the list is not here………….this happens all the time with his web site. It’s very user unfriendly. I can never find the things he tells you to look for on his site. ugh!

  3. barbara says

    Kate….I am beginning to agree with you. I’ve found many contradictions, which makes me feel somewhat hesitant to follow his advise before researching it myself……………….and those over dramatic women, well I think they are “plants”. They all act the same, they all act like he is “God’s gift to them”. ugh!

  4. Jo says

    Dr. Oz…stop telling us to go to your web-site to get your info. ie; 100 item grocery shopping list. I am beginning to think you are a joke.

  5. Catherine says

    I hear ya Barbara and Kate! I used to love him. But lately he is driving me absolutely crazy with all the contradictions! Today on the 100 foods we are supposed to have in our shopping carts, he highlights frozen soy burgers (of all things) and canned tomatoes. CANNED TOMATOES? He just told us in a previous show NOT to eat canned tomatoes because the lining of the can contains BPA and the acidity of the tomatoes causes it to leach into the food.

    And soy burgers? C’mon! One of his previous shows on the potential dangers of soy recommended that we eat soy in its least processed form and fermented, i.e. edamame, tofu, miso, etc. NOT “frakensoy” like soy cheese, soy dogs, and SOY BURGERS! But now they both are on the 100 Foods List?

    This is getting ridiculous! Does he not remember what he says from one show to the next?


  6. Sherry Burnett says

    I was thinking that it would be great if you had as a guest Jeff Primack from the Qirevolution.com
    on your show. He has a food healing system, plus qi gong and breathing exercises. And in his book, ” QiGong COmprehensive Training Manual, level 1, level 2 and Level 3″ on page 10 there is photo of your November 1, 2007 show on Oprah Winfrey,s show with you, that you did mention that if you want to live to 100..do QiGong.

    I try to do qi gong most days of the week. Love your show by the way. I am by profession a holistic health practitioner. Sherry Burnett

  7. Joe says

    It’s so amazing to see all those where is the list screaming. First of all, this is not Dr.OZShow’s website. Secondly the list is in his website because I provided the URL for the list above. If you care to just read other people’s comments, you might save you some energy to scream where is the list.

  8. says

    He is a commercial joke. He is a cardialogist..trying to make big money in a field he knows nothing about. I have no respect for him as a doctor. He could save a life with surgery….only makes an ass of himself with fawning “put”on women. He is selling products and getting richer & richer and more foolis looking by the min. He made some kind of deal with ophra about women he picks//all too embarrasing for me to watch any more..

  9. Carolyn says

    I’m beginning to agree with some of the comments. I have bought a lot of the Natural supplements and have had more stomach trouble in the last 6 months than I ever had before. I also don’t like all the games and silly women. Generally he has some good stuff but stop the silliness and stop talking so fast – he tries to cover too much stuff in one hour.

  10. says

    The communications must have broken down. Maybe they will send us the list of 100 foods we should have on our grocery list later. I respect Dr. Oz.. He cannot be blamed for this. I have learned many helpful and healthy tips from his show.

  11. melanie says

    Dr Oz is a sweet brilliant man who cares about everyone—we are so lucky to have this kind of medical advise—some of you act so ungrateful–he is not changing his story on health—he is just bringing out new and improved ways to stay healthy—some things are good for some conditions, and others are needed of certain problems—it’s not cut and dry—the human body is not such a simple machine. Some of you people, stop looking for excuses to avoid living a healthy life. He is not here to hurt you. He is here to help you. If you slip out of denial about your bad habits and follow his lead, you’ll be all the better for it. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  12. barbara says

    I wouldn’t say his information is wrong….but I would say that he does not tell you everything you need to know about some of these supplements. Many of them should not be taken by diabetics, those with high blood pressure, or taken with certain medications. I never take anything without researching it myself.

  13. Joe says

    As a show host with limited amount of time, there’s no way they can tell you everything about something. A show doctor is to advocate something not your prescription doctor. You’ve got to do your own research if you want to use it or not, and how to use it. Even from your own doctor, you should do your home work also. Side effects? Don’t you expect side effects? What doesn’t have side effect, especially if the dose is not right?

  14. Joe says

    Also, folks, remember that this site is not Dr. OZ Show’s site, but a fan’s site. If you want to find something, you need to go to his show’s site, and don’t talk to him here because he’ll never come to this site.

  15. Jodi says

    My comment is still awaiting moderation from last night. Not sure if it because I’ve never posted prior to this or because I posted the actual link to the 100 foods that works. Seems that someone else also said they had posted it but we never see that information for some reason?!? I’ll try it again.

  16. says

    Yes, when can we see the list of the 100 foods?

    About the contradictions–I first heard him say we lose about 91 hairs per day. The next time he used it in one of his games, the answer was about 150 per day. That is really a big change!

    I notice his daughters name is highlighted and supposedly available to see what she is doing. When I try to pull it up – nothing appears. I did read in today’s paper that she is going to be on a food show, starting soon. Congratulations!

  17. barbara says

    A responsible doctor, even though he does not have the time to give all info, would remind his viewers to always make sure the supplements he recommends are OK to take for them specifically and for them to ask their own doctors. There are a lot of Dr.Oz groupies out there that think he is GOD and believe everything he says. He needs to realize this and express a short warning about all supplements. I always check things before I take anything….but not everyone does and since they look up to him and trust him he should go a step further with it.

  18. says

    I am interested in the grocery list of 100 recommended items and am wondering what kind of time frame we are looking at for the availability of the list. Please advise me at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you.


  19. says


  20. signora r short says

    Do you get the feeling we are dealing with the old-time snake oil salesman? He and Dr. Phil seem to be cut from the same piece of cloth……They have ALL the solutions to ALL the world’s problems in a one-hour show. AMAZING!!!!! I watch the show occasionally but a little goes a long way.

  21. Lloyd says

    Agree about contradictions, There are plenty of them. On Friday’s show he showed a supplement that when it sits in a glass gets real thick, thicker than PB. He said to drink it while it is a liquid, it will turn to the thick state in your stomach. Give me a break.

  22. Wilda Cook says

    I would like the list of 100 foods – evidently there is a problem I am not aware of. What can I do?

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