Dr Oz: 4 Things Drug Companies Don’t Want You To Know


Dr Oz: Drug Company Secrets

DR OZ FANS UPDATE: The recaps of this Dr Oz Show are now posted online. Here are the relevant links:

Dr Oz’s show on Thursday May 12, 2011 is called The 4 Things Drug Companies Don’t Want You to Know.  Doctor Oz will speak about deadly interactions of medications, though it is fairly clear that the more drugs that you take, the higher your risk of having a bad drug interaction.  Dr Oz will talk about how Americans are too dependent on drugs, which I agree with 100%.  It seems like every other kid in the first grade is now being medicated for ADD, ADHD or something similar… and the amount of medications that Americans take only seems to go up from there.


  1. Ella Holden says

    Need information on what to use for the citattic nerve. Was on today’s program

  2. Lorene Rowland says

    I ordered the Lean Sp trial bottles for weight loss & body cleansing, & ended up really ill & couldn’t use them. They were advertised on Facebook. I called the company as they sent me the next month’s supply, for $158. I did not ask for them, nor want them. They credited by credit card for that amount, but would not pay the postage to return the 4 unopened bottles, nor the $1.95 for each of the trial bottles. I told them they were a bunch of crooks & I was going to notify you, as they told me I would have full reimbursement & not have to pay postage.

  3. Mary Lou Land says

    What are the 4 things the drug companies dont want you to know. I went to get the info on it and I didn’t learn anything when I went to the e-mail site for Dr. Oz’s show regarding this so please send me that info on it. I missed the show and want to know the info he talked about on May 12th. Thank you.

  4. Itzel M. Rivera says

    Thanks for this show a understood why I am still feeling bad for years.I was taken more than 10 pils a day!!!Since Friday I cut the medications that a know I can deal it; for example, Oxycodone(knee replacement). Now, I will appreciate information of how I can “detox” my system!!Please, Answer me ASP!!!!

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