Dr Oz: 5-Hour Energy Warning & Thermal Heat Patch Review


Dr Oz Recap December 19 2012

Today’s show included Dr. Oz’s Insider’s Guide to the Biggest Medical Breakthroughs and he shared some big ones. From a new procedure to diagnose and treat heart disease, to another that helps an overactive bladder, Dr. Oz gave you some important information to talk about with your doctor as you take control of your health. He also has an eye-opening warning regarding energy drinks that we all need to hear.

Dr Oz: Wrist Cardiac Catheterization & Treating Heart Disease

Dr. Oz shared a new procedure that has been found to help patients in his field of cardiology. It could literally help to diagnose and treat heart disease and ultimately save your life or the life of someone that you love. Does your doctor know about this procedure?

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