Dr Oz: 5-HTP Review, 5-HTP Increases Serotonin Levels & Improves Sleep


Dr Oz January 31 2013

Dr. Oz shared the secret to weight loss that will cut your appetite in half while boosting your mood and improving your sleep. It is a supplement called 5-HTP, which is naturally occurring in the body making it perfectly safe as an appetite suppressant. He and his guests talked about how emotional eaters can benefit from taking 5-HTP to help them lose weight and they also discussed the buying guidelines as well as the side effects you should be aware of before trying 5-HTP for yourself. Dr. Oz shared another way to stop your hunger that involves Botox injections. Could you imagine something that works to reduce your wrinkles also working to suppress your appetite? Find out what Dr. Oz’s guest had to say about this groundbreaking weight loss procedure!

Dr Oz: 5-HTP Appetite Suppressant Cuts Hunger In Half & Improves Mood

Dr. Oz and his medical panel of experts discussed 5-HTP, which is an all-natural appetite suppressant that also helps you to get more sleep and stabilizes your mood. It will cut your hunger in half and help you lose weight while improving your cravings for healthy foods rather than bad ones. Find out how 5-HTP can help you, especially if you are an emotional eater!


  1. Cecilia says

    5HTP can make you very nauseous, and have heart burn. is thi why people taking 5htp loose weight?

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