Dr Oz: 5-Minute Fat Burning Workout & Winter Skincare Tips


Dr Oz Recap January 14 2014

Dr. Oz is on his way to helping you become the healthiest you have ever been and today’s show is no exception! First, learn the truth about the biggest health lies you have been told over the years and find out if drinking alcohol can really warm you up when it is cold outside. Also, find out how birth order predicts future health problems and winter skincare tips! Finally, get ready for a 5-minute fat burning workout that is easy-to-follow from transformation expert Chris Powell.

Dr Oz: Get Rid of Hiccups Gargling Ice Water + Health Myths Busted

Dr Oz Chris Powell 5-Minute Fat Burning Workout

Chris Powell shared a 5-minute fat burning workout that will build muscle and speed up weight loss!

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