Dr Oz: 5 Tibetan Rites – The Chakra Diet & Chakra Singing Bowls


Dr Oz: Tibetan Monk Health Secrets

We all want to look and feel younger, right? We’ve tried pills, diet and exercise and even sometimes gone the extreme with expensive beauty products and procedures. Stop breaking the bank!

Dr Oz April 20 2012

Dr Oz's April 20 2012 show will feature The Chakra Diet.

Find out how to get healthy and look more youthful the natural way. What could be more natural than Tibetan Monks?
On the April 20 2012 episode, Dr Oz reveals the ancient health secrets of the Tibetan Monk. Their health secrets will give you a calm mind, reduce stress and help you to obtain youthfulness. These alternatives to modern medicine will give you more energy and vitality—and who doesn’t want that?
Forget about the pills, get healthy the natural way by going old-school, or rather ancient school, with the health secrets of Tibetan Monks. On April 20, 2012 on the Dr Oz Show, check out ways to hold on to your youth a little longer. Find out how to live a healthier, more satisfied life.

Dr Oz: Chakra Diet

You’ve been trying to lose those dreaded last few pounds but can’t seem to shed them. On the April 20, 2012 Dr Oz Show, find out how to get rid of that unwanted weight with the Shakra Diet. The Chakra Diet tells you exactly what to eat in order to drop those extra pounds and live longer! Take the guesswork out of losing weight. Look sleeker and get healthier just in time for summer!


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