Dr Oz 7 Day Energy Surge Plan: August 3 2011

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Dr Oz 7 Day Energy Surge Plan: August 3 2011

By on August 3, 2011

Dr Oz: Energy Surge Plan

Dr Oz’s Show on August 3, 2011 presented a 7 Day Energy Surge Plan, along with Jim Karas (author of the 7 Day Energy Surge).  Karas has worked with famous people, including women like Diane Sawyer, to boost their energy naturally – he does not believe in chemical energy boosters.  Here is a brief outline of the entire Energy Surge Plan, but do not forget to read the full details of the plan here: 7 Day Energy Surge Plan.

Step 1: Breathing Into Blackness

The first step in the 7 Day Energy Surge Plan is to breathe deeply when you wake-up Dr Oz Energy Surge Planin the morning, rather than to just jump out of bed quickly like many of us often do.

Step 2: Tyrosine & Magnesium

Next, Jim Karas told Dr Oz that you should take 400 mg of Magnesium (which should be accompanied by 600 mg of Calcium), and 500 mg of Tyrosine.  Tyrosine is an amino acid that helps the cells in your body to talk to one another, and when you are tired, your body does not make enough Tyrosine.  Karas said that you split open a capsule of Tyrosine and wash the powder down with a glass of water, as opposed to normal supplements that you just swallow whole.

Step 3: Wheat Grass Powder

We have all seen Wheat Grass at our favorite smoothie bars by now, but Jim Karas and Dr Oz also seemed to love the idea of using it instead of coffee for a quick afternoon pick-me-up.

Step 4: Music Before Bed

To make sure that you get a good night’s sleep, listen to relaxing music for about 45 minutes before you go to sleep.

Step 5: Bathroom Night Light

The final step in Karas’ 7 Day Energy Plan is to put a night light into your bathroom.  This way if you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, the bright lights do not wake you up as much, and you will have an easier time falling asleep.

Dr Oz: Beauty Remedies

Doctor Oz also did a segment on his August 3, 2011 show on Beauty Remedies.  I absolutely adore Home Remedies, so I am always thrilled to see the tips that Dr Oz comes up with!  For example, did you know that eye drops that remove the redness from your eyes can also remove the redness from your pimples?  And if you suffer from dandruff, a paste made out of crushed Aspirin could be the cure for you.  Plus, if you have puffy inflammation under your eyes, 1/2% to 1% Hydrocortisone Cream could take away the puffiness.  Click here for a full recap of all of these remedies: Dr Oz Beauty Remedies.

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  1. Roberta Pilon says:

    I have been looking at a red and green laser that are from the states. Red one for body balance and energetic balance of homeostasis used for healing, headaches, muscle pain etc.
    The green laser is stronger the similar but with stronger frequencies. do you have a program on lasers for personal use that work on blueprint frquencies.
    Truly enjoy your programs.

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