Dr Oz: Adderall Abuse Warning, How Teens Fake ADHD & Hormone Type Quiz


Dr Oz Recap February 18 2013

Dr. Oz talked with parents who shared the emotional story of their son who committed suicide while has was addicted to the drug Adderall. Adderall is commonly prescribed for patients with ADHD, but more and more it is falling into the hands of college students to help them perform better on exams. Dr. Oz is angry and concerned that this has become an epidemic in our country. Dr. Oz also discussed Hormone Types and he provided a quiz to help you determine your personal hormone type, plus tips to balance your hormones and take control of your body.

Dr Oz: Adderall Abuse, Adderall vs Speed & Adderall Dangers For ADHD

Dr. Oz talked about the dangerous epidemic of Adderall abuse that has spread across college campuses and high schools because students want to perform better. Kids without ADHD are taking Adderall, leading to dangerous and even tragic results. Keep reading to see the story of one young man and his parents’ battle to try and save him before it was too late.

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