Dr Oz: Allergic Pink Eye, Medicated Eye Drops & Sunburn Prevention


Dr Oz Recap May 13 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by talking to the whistleblower who found poison in America’s foods. Learn the shocking truth about protein powder and the toxic amount of heavy metals it contains and get Dr. Oz’s list of detoxifying foods. Next, find out how to avoid bikini line razor burn and learn how to treat Allergic Pink Eye this allergy season. Finally, Dr. Oz reveals the sleep mistakes that are making you fat and shares some secrets from the new social media site, Whisper.

Dr Oz: Heavy Metals in Organic Foods & FDA Heavy Metal Guidelines

Dr Oz Sunscreen SPF Recommendation

Dr Oz recommends applying SPF 30 sunscreen directly to your chest to prevent sunburn on the skin under your bathing suit.

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