Dr Oz: Alzheimer’s Breakthrough & Super Memory


Dr Oz Alzheimer’s Disease Breakthrough

DR OZ FANS UPDATE: The recaps of this Dr Oz Show are now posted online.  Here are the relevant links:

Doctor Oz’s show on April 7, 2011 is called The Revolutionary Breakthrough in Alzheimer’s.  Can what you are eating cause Alzheimer’s Disease?  Apparently, it is not just our genes that could be causing Alzhiemer’s.  One of Dr Oz’s guests is convinced that we can prevent Alzheimer’s Disease simply by changing what we eat.  Plus, he will talk about the critical link between Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease.  And of course there will be loads of tips on how to reverse and prevent Alzheimer’s.


  1. says

    I have a question to ask aout Multiple Sclerosis?
    I meet the criteria for CCSVI procedure confirmed by Dr.Sandy McDonald, Vascular Imaging Clinic, Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Dr.McDonald has trained under Dr. Paolo Zamboni in Italy they have had 100% success rate in this procedure and yet the M.S.Society and the Canadian Government still need more test results before they will approve this treatment,I can’t wait that long. I have had this disease for 12 yrs now and on no treatment and usally told to go home and make the most of it. Dr.Sandy McDonald has said “would you call a electrician to fix the pluming” so why asked a neurologist to say if this procedure is safe. We M.S.ers need help in pushing this procedure along so please get ” PISSED OFF ” help shed some light on this treatment this could be a medical intervention for M.S.ers. I have read reports on this and can’t see why theres a delay, people with out M.S. have had this procedure done! HELP PLEASE
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    Colette Conlon Quanduk from Canada

  2. sabrina roman says

    mi pregunta es que a mi mama le diagnosticaron que la vena aorta esta inflamada que me sugiere que consecuensias trae esto y como lo debo tomar ya que no se como puedo ayudarla cuales las cosas que pasaran frente a esto.

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